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Warmly welcome Indian customers, South Korea customers visit our company

Release time:2019-09-09 17:22


On August 30th.2019, Zhangjiagang Allstar Import & Export Co., LTD., Zhangjiagang Zhexin Machinery, Xinmate Machinery, Miaoqiao Jiayu Needle Fitting Companies warmly welcome customers Mr.Mavi from India, and Mr. Piao from South Korea. Then we visited Zhangjiagang Zhexin Machinery and some other excellence textile machinery factories together, including related accessory suppliers and maintenance workshops.

Oscar Lee, Mr.Lu, Mr.Xie, Mr.Huang with Mr.Mavi and Mr. Piao had a deep discussion on trade issues such as product difference,nowdays industry status, development trend, history and so on. After watched the new machine processing video,Mr.Mavi and Mr. Piao studied carefully on program imput, edit and application,and looking carefully on the appearance of the machine, taking workers’operation habits and selection material method into consideration. Mr.Mavi and Mr. Piao surprised at the standard and speed of the current technological upgrading of domestic machinery.

Mr.Mavi signed orders with us on site, and both parties reached an agreement on future in-depth cooperation!

Mr.Mavi and Mr. Piao would like to express their gratitude to their domestic counterparts for their warm reception. They spent a wonderful business investigation period in Zhangjiagang!

It is reported that after Mr.Mavi back to India, he further expanded the purchase quantity on the basis of the original order!

We firmly believe that our motherland China who has a long history and always show her friendly and kindness to others will continue to live up to its original simplicity and goodness.

We also firmly believe that under continuing efforts and cooperation between China and foreign countries, our technology will reach to the peak!

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