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The 100th anniversary of the May 4th movement

Release time:2019-05-05 16:28

In the long course of history, the renewal and progress of human thought promotes the development and reform of our history. The Renaissance in Europe from the 14th century to 16th century; the May 4th movement in China in 1919, we can see the new culture movement and the new thought movement in different periods always meet the needs of the development of The Times.History changes, the spirit forever!

Renaissance Movement: Originated from the economic prosperity Italian cities in the 14th century, major participants are city residents and intellectuals, on the one hand they abhor the Catholic theocracy status and its hypocrisy of asceticism, on the other hand,there is no mature culture system to replace the Catholic culture, so they advocate to revive the ancient Greek and Roman culture to express themselves, in the form of culture.Renaissance then rise from city to city in Italy,and expansion to Western Europe soon, achieve its peak in the 16th century.It brings science and art revolution to Europe and open the prologue of modern European history. Renaissance fully recognize the value of each person, attaches great importance to the human nature, become a powerful call for people to break through the medieval veil layer upon layer.It had a great impact on the views of political, scientific, economic, philosophical and theological at that time.It is a revolutionary stormof the emerging bourgeoisie in the ideological field,also known as "the age of giants."

The May 4th movement:A student movement spearheaded by advanced young has a profound influence on the minds of the people who were then semi-feudal and semi-colonial.Facing the suffering of the country, the young students did not fear the danger from domestic strife and foreign agression,they launched the May 4th patriotic movement, which soon swept the whole country and ignited the patriotic enthusiasm in the hearts of the people.The great patriotic revolutionary movement against imperialism and feudalism took place one after another among the vast social strata such as scholors, peasants, industrialists and businessmen.The slogans of patriotism, progress, democracy and science enlightened the people's thinking, and for the first time the May 4th movement united the intellectuals with the masses of workers and peasants, arousing the general patriotic feelings of the intellectuals, workers and peasants.

History is a mirror that reflects the vicissitude of life.Throughout history, both the Renaissance movement and the May 4th movement were cultural and ideological movements generated by the needs of the development of The Times.

On the 100th anniversary of the May 4th movement, President Xi pointed out that the youth are the most active and dynamic force in the whole society, they are the hope of our country and the future of our nation.The young people in this new era are in the best development period of China,they not only meet the opportunity to make achievements in life, but also have the mission of The Times that "The Heaven is about to place a great responsibility on the youth".Young Chinese people in the new era should continue to carry forward the spirit of the May 4th movement, take it as their duty to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, live up to the expectations of the party, the people and the great trust of the nation, and live up to our great era.

Youth is strong, then the country is strong. Patriotic, progressive, democratic, scientific!

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