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Import of used equipment

Release time:2018-11-27 13:20

Import of used mechanical and electrical equipment is a complex project, say simple simple, say complex is very complex, why do you say that? Because the old equipment import formalities is more, because many relevant national policy control requirements, time is relatively long, import and export documents, import and export declaration, import and export logistics, inspection before shipment, and so on a series of problems. Let me give you the main process of used mechanical and electrical equipment import to introduce:

Tally to documents preparation, factory inspection before shipment to booking by sea/air/rail, customs declaration/inspection/customs appraisal to the tax pay tax, customs inspection, trailer to send

There are a few steps are crucial

Step 1: confirm the customs code Hscode.

Hscode classification problem, which is the basis of the customs clearance work, is a top priority of all work. Why do you say so? Because can accurately classify, determines the back of the customs clearance can work quickly, determines the level of taxes and fees, determines the difficulty of the equipment inspection, so this is a very important work.

Step 2: confirm the operation scheme

Main part which is home to the combination of machine, the client receiving information such as the actual situation, machines, and making a complete set of operation plan.

Such as machine abroad, need to arrange inspection before shipment, then it is before the formal operation completes the plan, prepare the complete documents, in advance of the imported equipment surface dust, dirt, grease, etc to clean, important components for polishing, rust removal, maintenance and replacement of the place such as wire breakage, ensure the smooth by imported equipment.

Step 3: import declaration

Appraisal and the link is the most important is the customs inspection, the inspection is all part of the easy problems. The purpose of the customs inspection, it is by checking the actual import and export goods declaration and customs clearance documents to verify the declared links the contents of the inspection sheet, the goods are consistent, through the careful examination found that declare actual single link can't find any conceal, falsely reporting such as false claim and smuggling illegal things or other import and export. Secondly, through the inspection declaration can verify link suspects, put forward by the examination of documents for taxation, statistics, and provide reliable regulation based on the follow-up management.

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